Posture Physio


Posture Physio

Chartered Physiotherapist, Jo Fleming, will assess you and prescribe exercises tailored to your needs at the correct level. 

We will ensure you understand the correct technique, and give you easy changes to promote life long benefits

Contact Jo Fleming if you need any advice prior to booking....

Benefits of

Physio Pilates 

  • Postural improvements
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Mobility and Flexibility of the spine and limbs
  • Improved balance
  • Bone density, upper body strength and confidence
  • Co-ordination and sequencing of movement
  • Focus and relaxation - Mind Body and mental well-beng
  • Reduce risk of injury and pain.

Where to start?

Check with your GP if you are unsure it is safe to begin PhysioPilates, you are recommended to call Jo Fleming and discuss your case prior to booking if you have any concerns. 

  • Suitable for those with acute and chronic lower back pain 
  • Suitable for those who have undergone surgery 
  • Suitable for those with osteoporosis 
  • Suitable for those with a diagnosis of chronic symptoms
  • Suitable for those who have scoliosis 
  • Suitable for those who have lost confidence and balance

APPI Pilates is a type of Pilates used by Physiotherapists. It is a form of Clinical Pilates modified to make the exercises safer for the general population and for those using Pilates in the rehabilitative setting, for example, those who are recovering from lower back pain. The exercises are graded so we ensure you are activiating the correct deep core muscle groups during the exercises. We build up the load and balance requirements of the Pilates exercises so you will become stronger, more stable and balanced. Postural muscles will become stronger during your Pilates practice and so the posture should improve along with your aches and pains. The exercises begin easy and build up to an advanced standard which is quite strenuous for those who enjoy the challenge.