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Can I keep cycling ?    Will my hip ever feel normal again?    Do you know what it is?    It just went!      Should I stop training?

        What is it that hurts?    Is it coming from my back?  Will it go away?    Why is my foot tingling?    Can it get better?


Hello I'm Jo Fleming



I love helping people who have pain or difficulty with their body 

I love answering your questions and explaining what's going on and what to expect, putting you back in control of the problem

I enjoy sharing my fascination of anatomy and biomechanics

I enjoy demystifying pain and giving reassurance with a great treatment plan to get a great result

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The first part of an effective plan is an accurate assessment of the problem

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Whether you're marathon training or starting to get fit, faulty movements can cause problems

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We offer a range of hands on treatments to restore normal function in the body

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Bespoke Pilates

Individual therapy based Pilates

We teach you the important technique points to address your own personal issues

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For pain, muscle tensions and


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Posture Physio


Tailored to those in the class to achieve your rehab goals

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We're based in Didsbury village on the quiet cobbled street of Warburton Street, opposite Morten's book sellers and above Harriet and Dee. There is plenty of free parking in the village near Aldi, on School Lane or Ogden Street car park or other spaces.

We have a beautiful light private studio with physio facilities and room to run for running assessments and gait re-ed.

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Jo Fleming

Jo Fleming, is a Chartered Physiotherapist.

She graduated from Bristol UWE with a BSc hons Physiotherapy degree in 2003. 

Over 20 years, she has gained a wide grounding in her profession through working initially in the NHS, then working in the private sector and sporting backgrounds.

 Jo has specialised in orthopaedics and sports injury since 2005. She has worked in a variety of private practices in Manchester. She has always furthered her skills through on-going learning and CPD and therefore has additional skills in orthopaedic medicine, manual therapy, acupuncture, western dry needling, and is an APPI Pilates instructor. 

Jo has expertise in spinal problems, repetitive strain injury and sporting injuries. With a love for music, she personally enjoys helping musicians with repetitive stress syndrome or pain from playing. She has an interest in hypermobility syndrome and comes across this issue regularly in her work.

She enjoys helping people with more challenging and complex problems that they are struggling to resolve. She loves educating her patients about their body and helping to correct the bio-mechanical faults that are contributing to longer term pain.

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Jo Fleming

Over Twenty Years of Expertise

Quality treatments

With years of experience we are able to provide a reliable diagnosis and provide sound treatment and advice to recover whatever problem we find. 

Excellent Service

We provide a safe, Professional and trustworthy service.

This is a personal service and we are on hand to meet all your needs, offer advice and promote your confidence in the recovery process.

Best Practice

With contiuous professional development and evidence based practice at the heart of our practice. We have knowledge to treat but also refer you. We will always advise you how to move through the process and what to expect

Success Stories

I had real confidence in Jo from my first consultation with her and Iā€™m pleased to say I feel so much better than I have for a long time, and aches and pains that I thought I was stuck with are gone! Invaluable.

ā€• Jen Akhurst

These classes are a great antidote to my office work and business travel, and have led to a huge improvement in my posture, lower back pains, and general wellbeing.

Jo is a fabulous teacher, providing helpful guidance and feedback throughout each session.

ā€• Greg Whitaker

Would definitely recommend Jo, whether it's the group pilates or one to one posture sessions. I found them to be really helpful and my injury and posture has improved since!

ā€• Andrew Duffy

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If you have any questions or concerns, we're always ready to help!

Jo will happily discuss anything with you - please send your enquiry or request a call back via the contact form.

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